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If you are absent, choose one of the following assignments to make up your points. You may not repeat any of these assignments. Your make-up assignment should be completed within one week upon return from your absence. Write out the question for each make up assignment. Do not wait until the end of the grading period!


1. Read a fitness/health article from a newspaper, fitness magazine or an internet web site. Make sure to include a copy of the article.
     A) Write a two paragraph summary of the article.
     B) What did you learn from the article?
     C) Can you apply what you learned in the article to your own life? Explain.

2. Define the following terms and give an example of each.
     A) Aerobic endurance
     B) Muscular endurance
     C) Muscular strength
     D) Flexibility

3. Smoking is a dangerous habit. It is addictive and poses many health risks. Look up smoking either on the internet or another source that is available to you.
     A)What are the dangers of smoking?
     B) Why is it addictive?
     C) How could you encourage a family member or friend to quit?

4. Write out the Food Groups from the food pyramid. Be sure to include the following information for each food group.
     A) How many servings per day?
     B) What is the main nutrient?
     C) What are the best choices of foods that you can eat from the group?
    D) Why do you think it is important to eat a variety of foods?

5. Interview three different adults. Ask the following questions and report them.
     A) What do you consider the greatest health benefit of exercise?
     B) What are your main health concerns?
     C) What activity do you participate in to satisfy your health concerns?
     D) How do you figure out your target heart rate zone?

6. Develop a rap song for PE.

7. Answer the following questions about flexibility.
     A) Give two reasons why it is important to have good flexibility.
     B) Give two examples of how flexibility is needed for physical activities,
    C) If you are going to exercise, when should you stretch and why?

8. Create two list on a piece of paper. Label one list "aerobic" and the other "anaerobic" or non-aerobic. List at least 20 different activities, exercises, or sports under the correct column. At the bottom of each list, describe what makes it these exercises aerobic or non-aerobic.

9. Attend a sporting event at school or outside of school. If you attend a sport at school you must have a coach or faculty member present sign that you were in attendance. If you attend an event outside of school, you must provide a copy of the ticket stub. Your assignment is to watch the event and describe what you see. What types of skills are being used? What type of violations occurred? Provide an example of teamwork that you witnessed. Describe the strategy that is taking place. What was the outcome?

10. Research a fruit or vegetable. Describe the nutritional content in terms of total calories, fat, carbohydrate, and protein content. Include the main vitamins and minerals present. Explain why the fruit or vegetable is healthy based upon it's contents.

11. Write or type one paragraph (4-5 sentences) describing a physical activity that you do or have done outside of class. Describe what, were, when, who, how an why you participate in this activity. A parent or guardian must sign this assignment to receive credit.